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  1. Aaron Sanders

    Hello! My name is Aaron Sanders and currently attending the electrical program at Perry Tech Inst. Yakima, Wa. Come the 2nd week in August I will have 2 weeks. Off for summer break. Both me and my wife were wondering if there were any volunteering opportunities for your sailing program anytime between the 3rd and the 17th of August. We both love sailing and own a tiny twenty foot sloop in Alaska. But unfortunately we are land locked for the time I am at school. My wife has some boating experience here and there, some with me on our boat and some racing. I served on tall ship, the Knock-About Pilot Schooner “Virginia” there in the Chesapeake for a little over a year. First as deck-hand and then a “battle field promotion” up to engineer. I also have some some smaller charter boat sailing experience in Alaska, California, and Washington. I also have my 100 ton inland/near costal OSV with sail auxillary captain’s liscense, AB Special with lifeboatman’s cert, and basic safety training. Not saying much cause like most people know, you can pretty much achieve all that and never step foot on a vessel. But we are both Christian and love the Lord Jesus and were looking for some way to serve him on break in a way we both love rather than wasting away in the heat of this dessert town in the middle of “no water” Washington. We also have thought of ways of starting our own school someday and would love to get to know fellow followers of God that have a heart to teach, mentor and love. So if you pray about it and find some volunteer opportunity available please let me know.
    Thanks and have a great day

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